24 Great Clarendon Street

Posted - September 03, 1999

Former shop

This unusual house on the corner of Hart Street and Great Clarendon Street could be one of the oldest buildings in Jericho. Its two large and distinctive windows and the door on the corner point to its origins as a shop.

The original structure, with walls a foot thick, probably used to include the house next door at 34 Hart Street. At some point this was divided off, then later an extension was added instead on the Great Clarendon Street side. The original building may date from the mid-nineteenth century but the earliest record we have is from 1901 when it was a grocers’ shop, Radbone and Sons. At some point it then became Bob’s Cycle Shop which was also an ironmongers and sold paraffin..

After the mid-1970s, however, the shop seems to have been abandoned with just the rooms upstairs occupied by students. In 1979 in a derelict state it was bought by Peggy Smith and converted to a house. She later sold it to her son Nick who lives there with Mari Tudor-Jones.

Many a curious nose has been pressed up against the large multi-paned windows downstairs - peering through the collection of plants that acts as a screen. Nick and Mari would be keen to hear from any older Jericho residents who know more about the history of this building.

Author: Jenny Barsley, Grantham House

Did you know?

The origins of Walton?

Walton is derived from “wall town” which was used centuries ago to indicate a location outside the Oxford city walls. The ancient manor of Walton was certainly in existence before the Norman conquest in 1066.

About the church bells?

Originally the Church only had the single ‘Barney’s Bell’. In 1890, when the clock was installed, it was decided to add a set of tubular bells to ring the chimes and the hour strike, as well as a tune or ‘carillon’. The are driven by an elaborate mechanical contraption.