27 Cranham Street

Image:Jenny Barsley, Grantham House

Posted - February 03, 1998

Former Wesleyan Chapel

This building, currently used by the tutorial establishment Green College, has a varied history. As you might guess from its shape, it was originally constructed in the 1880s as a Wesleyan chapel. Though only the width of a terraced house, it is much deeper - extending across what would be the back garden.

In 1922 the chapel was deconsecrated and turned into an architectural workshop. Then after the Second World War it was bought by a small ice cream business - called ‘Walls’, though whether this was linked with the national company is unknown. The building’s purpose changed yet again when it was acquired for use as a garage by a removals company, Philip Brown of Eynsham, for one of its vans - and was fitted with the large doors you see today.

Green College took over the building in the early 1980s to use it as a teaching laboratory - first renting and then buying the property. The walls inside are lined with pictures of Oxford scientists. Though still occupied by Green College, the building now has a new owner, so it may be destined for yet

Author: Jenny Barsley, Grantham House

Did you know?

Who has a car?

According to the 2001 Census, only 47% of Jericho households have a car compared with 67% for Oxford as a whole.

Why Juxon Street?

Juxon Street is named after William Juxon, President of St John’s College from 1621-33.