Mutton Yard

Posted - October 04, 1997

Originally part of a slaughterhouse

Mutton Yard is a picturesque hidden courtyard off Richmond Road. These buildings were derelict and inhabited by squatters until the 1970s when they were bought by Ron Mutton of A1 Plumbing and Heating. He converted them into an office for his business and three flats which are let out to American visitors or students.

Originally they were part of a slaughterhouse, and an elderly woman resident used to tell Mr Mutton of the former ‘glories’ of the yard when pigs would squeal and run around. The slaughterhouse supplied meat to several butchers including Hedges and Pratley who are still in business. The original cobble stones are still there, though now surrounded by pretty gardens. Mr Mutton, whose initials, appropriately enough, are R.A.M., still has the original cauldron in which the offal was put to feed the pony who presumably drew the cart in which the unfortunate animals arrived.

The buildings are all quite small, so A1 has deliberately kept the office staff small so it can continue to use them. Mr Mutton’s son, also runs an enterprise from part of this miniature complex - arranging trips to India and the Far East

Did you know?

Why Hart Street?

Hart Street was named after the Printer to the University 1883-1915.

Cranham Street used to be a blot on the city

Before Grantham House was built, the site became notoriously derelict, making Cranham Street according to the local press a ‘blot on the city’ – wrecked by local children, and a refuge for rats and for ‘layabouts sleeping off the drink’ who were repeatedly evicted by the police.