Jericho Health Centre

A functional building that offers ample space for two health practices
A functional building that offers ample space for two health practices

Posted - March 14, 2016

New Radcliffe House

The Jericho Health Centre occupies the ground floor of New Radcliffe House in Walton Street. The building cost £11 million and was completed in 2012. It is owned by Oxford University which leases the ground floor to the NHS for two GP practices which have around a dozen doctors.

In 2003, the NHS sold the Radcliffe Infirmary site to the University for the development of the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter. A condition of the sale, and the subsequent planning permission, was that the site should offer a new home for the Jericho Health Centre. Originally the plans were more ambitious – to house more practices and onsite medical services such as X-rays and also a pharmacy. But because of budgetary constraints plans had to be scaled back. Moreover, design finished up rather plain, described by the Civic Society as ‘bland and uninspiring’. Nevertheless, the doctors consider this a good functional build which is a huge improvement on their old building at the top of Cranham Street.

Other floors of the building are occupied Oxford University’s Department of Public Health Care and Oxford University Press.

Did you know?

About the church bells?

Originally the Church only had the single ‘Barney’s Bell’. In 1890, when the clock was installed, it was decided to add a set of tubular bells to ring the chimes and the hour strike, as well as a tune or ‘carillon’. The are driven by an elaborate mechanical contraption.

Cranham Street used to be a blot on the city

Before Grantham House was built, the site became notoriously derelict, making Cranham Street according to the local press a ‘blot on the city’ – wrecked by local children, and a refuge for rats and for ‘layabouts sleeping off the drink’ who were repeatedly evicted by the police.