Another makeover for Cranham Street

Cranham Street vista in an earlier age, around 1910. 
Photo: Penny & Sinclair.
Cranham Street vista in an earlier age, around 1910. Photo: Penny & Sinclair.

Posted - November 05, 2012

New developments ahead

The buildings on both sides at the top of Cranham Street are boarded up with metal shutters. Some of the area around Grantham House has at times been taken over by squatters who have lit fires. The developers say that they will finally be starting the renovations in January to produce up-market flats.

Meanwhile across the road the old health centre building now has a similarly forlorn look. In this split building it is more difficult to do a comprehensive redevelopment. The ground floor is owned by the Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust which says it is currently ‘preparing it for marketing’. The upper floors, making up St Paul’s House, consist of eight flats, some Council and some privately owned.

Did you know?

Margaret Thatcher used to live here?

In her Oxford days, she lived at 12 Richmond Road. It is alleged she shared the house with two red-hot communists who lived on a diet of sausages. This may account for her later views on socialists and known dislike of sausages.

Where we work?

According to the 2001 Census, in Jericho 28% of those working were self-employed, while 18% worked part time. Around 20% were in higher professional occupations compared with 14% for Oxford. We also tend to work nearby: 72% of people worked within five kilometres of their home; 18% went to work on foot, 13% by car and 6% by bike