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The Coop will occupy two of the three shop units on the left
The Coop will occupy two of the three shop units on the left

Posted - December 04, 2011

Another Coop for Walton Street

The redevelopment at Walton Street and Little Clarendon Street is going to include in two of the Walton Street units a new supermarket. Not, as some had feared, a Tesco but another Coop. Two in the same street?

The Coop says “We have traded in Jericho for many years with a busy convenience store. Our intention is to widen the offer to our customers and members and provide additional facilities for local people as well as creating job opportunities for people in the area.”

Coop in Walton StreetJericho already has a Coop in Walton Street

The Walton Street Coop is certainly popular and has very helpful staff. But it is also the most expensive in Oxford. Not only does it charge 20% more for milk and eggs than Tesco or Sainsbury, it is also 5% more expensive on most items than even the Coop in Summertown. In the new store presumably the prices will be equally high. Why are we being charged more? A spokesperson for the Midcounties Co-operative responded: “Our pricing team continually review the prices offered by other retailers so as to provide competitive prices across a range of standard shopping.”

Did you know?

Why Juxon Street?

Juxon Street is named after William Juxon, President of St John’s College from 1621-33.

The origins of Nelson Street?

Nelson Street takes its name from a local pub, the Lord Nelson, subsequently renamed Carpenters’ Arms—which has since been converted to housing.