Objections to Chiltern railway plans

Posted - May 19, 2010

Pollution risk

When Chiltern Railways submitted their Transport & Works Act application in January to create a new rail link between Marylebone and Oxford via Bicester, the Jericho Community Association (JCA) sent a letter of objection.

While welcoming the project in broad terms, the JCA expressed concern about air pollution due to train engines, especially regarding idling at the station. The JCA was also concerned about damage to the natural environment of the canal towpath from extra walking and cycling to and from the station – as well as the general unsuitability of the route in darkness and wet weather. There were also worries about extra nuisance and distress from train noise since the new line will be closer to Jericho than the existing ones.

Many individuals and community groups have also submitted objections and comments. These and other submissions will be considered in a future planning inquiry.

Did you know?

The origins of Nelson Street?

Nelson Street takes its name from a local pub, the Lord Nelson, subsequently renamed Carpenters’ Arms—which has since been converted to housing.

Who owns the houses?

In Jericho in 2011, only 21% of households were owner occupiers. Instead, many more people rented their homes: 58% from private landlords and 20% from ‘social’ landlords, mostly the City Council.