Frontage of Oxford University Press pictured shortly after construction in the 1830s

Ruskin College and Walton Street around 1910. The main building of Ruskin was completed in 1913.

Walton Street, around 1900

Corner of Walton St and Little Clarendon Street, 1869. The boys are probably from Bedford House school, just out of shot to the left.

Walton Well Road, around 1910. The building on the left was the Lucy’s sports and social club.

The Jericho Tavern in 1869. The group to the right is probably the Higgins family who owned it at that time.

Cranham Street, around 1920. On the left is the Radcliffe Arms, now the Rickety Press

Delivery cart in Jericho Street, around 1900, with the Harcourt Arms in the background

Jericho meadows around 1850. Behind, left to right, are the Radcliffe Observatory, the Jericho Tavern and the smokestack of Oxford University Press.

St Barnabas Church photographed from the coal wharf around the 1970s.

St Barnabas Street, 1907

Snowstorm in Walton Street, April 25 1908. The cleared track is the tramway. Oxford had horse trams from 1881.