Distinctive houses

Many of Jericho's houses have been converted from different types of building. Here are some of these.

Former boys school, now School Court

School Court

Published - Dec 26 2012

Former boys'school

23 Albert Street

Published - Jul 02 2000

Used to be the Baker's Arms

24 Great Clarendon Street

Published - Sep 03 1999

Former shop

The building when occupied by a furniture workshop

No. 6 King Street

Published - Mar 02 1999

The building that now houses Art Jericho

No. 35 Albert Street

Published - Nov 02 1998

Former School

27 Cranham Street

Published - Feb 03 1998

Former Wesleyan Chapel

Mutton Yard

Published - Oct 04 1997

Originally part of a slaughterhouse

No 1 King Street

Published - Oct 02 1996

Former grain store

Did you know?

What kind of households we have?

According the to 2011 Census, almost half of Jericho households – 46% – consisted of only one person, 24% consisted of couples with or without children, 7% were student households, and 11% were other multi-person households, while 6% were single-parent households.

Where the community centre came from?

The centre was built at the end of the 19th century as the Church Institute for St. Barnabas.


Cancer support tea and cakes

Sat 29 Sep - 3.00 pm

Jericho Community Centre

My Jericho - coffee, cake and conversation

The Synagogue -- Tour and talk*

Wednesday 26 September - 5:45 PM

Oxford Synagogue

JCA monthly meeting

Monday 12 November - 8:00 PM

Community Centre