Distinctive houses

Many of Jericho's houses have been converted from different types of building. Here are some of these.

Former boys school, now School Court

School Court

Published - Dec 26 2012

Former boys'school

23 Albert Street

Published - Jul 02 2000

Used to be the Baker's Arms

24 Great Clarendon Street

Published - Sep 03 1999

Former shop

The building when occupied by a furniture workshop

No. 6 King Street

Published - Mar 02 1999

The building that now houses Art Jericho

No. 35 Albert Street

Published - Nov 02 1998

Former School

27 Cranham Street

Published - Feb 03 1998

Former Wesleyan Chapel

Mutton Yard

Published - Oct 04 1997

Originally part of a slaughterhouse

No 1 King Street

Published - Oct 02 1996

Former grain store

Did you know?

Where we work?

According to the 2001 Census, in Jericho 28% of those working were self-employed, while 18% worked part time. Around 20% were in higher professional occupations compared with 14% for Oxford. We also tend to work nearby: 72% of people worked within five kilometres of their home; 18% went to work on foot, 13% by car and 6% by bike

Where the community centre came from?

The centre was built at the end of the 19th century as the Church Institute for St. Barnabas.


Jericho Oxclean

Sat 03 Mar - 10.00 am

Jericho Community Centre

My Jericho

Michel Sadones, Landlord, Old Bookbinders

Wednesday 24 January - 5:45 PM

Jericho Community Centre

St Sepulchre’s Garden Group

Tuesday 13 February - 10:00 AM

St. Sepulchre's cemetary

JCA monthly meeting

Monday 12 February - 8:00 PM

Community Centre