Residents of Jericho now have greater opportunities for shaping the future of this unique area.

Area covered by the census analysis

Jericho census profile

Published - Apr 13 2014

Who and where we were in 2011

Cranham Street vista in an earlier age, around 1910. 
Photo: Penny & Sinclair.

Another makeover for Cranham Street

Published - Nov 05 2012

New developments ahead

JCA Chair, Charlotte Christie (left) with Lorraine Hart at the AGM discussing the options for neighbourhood planning in Jericho.

For a community vision

Published - Jun 01 2012

Unique opportunity to shape the future of Jericho

Overdue for a makeover - Grantham House in Cranham Street

Multicolour makeover for ‘iconic’ Grantham

Published - Dec 05 2011

Grantham House sold

The Coop will occupy two of the three shop units on the left

Cooperative proliferation

Published - Dec 04 2011

Another Coop for Walton Street

Ros Weatherall said: “Paul was not sure that the people of Jericho realised quite what was happening. He wanted us to start thinking about how the whole place was developing, rather than just accepting piecemeal things that are offered from different developers as they come along.”

Developing our doorstep

Published - Dec 01 2011

Changes ahead for Jericho

Grantham gone

Published - May 14 2011

Building sold

Welcome to Jericho

Published - May 12 2011

New wall plaque

Proposed view from Cardigan St.

New health centre on the horizon

Published - May 03 2011

Could open September 2012

Walton Street, one of the city’s key north-south routes, is likely to become more congested, with many more cyclists and pedestrians. People already often have to step into the street to pass each other on the narrow pavements. One option might be to close the street to through traffic.

Here comes the crowd

Published - Nov 01 2010

Large developments ahead

Objections to Chiltern railway plans

Published - May 19 2010

Pollution risk

Students at the Area Committee meeting

Mount Place makeover options

Published - Nov 02 2009

Ideas from Oxford Brookes University

Julia Environment Agency officer explains flood maps to Victor Street resident Joëlle Mann

Waiting for the water

Published - Nov 01 2009

Parts of Jericho at flood risk

Most Jericho residents rent their homes

Jericho by numbers

Published - Apr 02 2005

A snapshot of Jericho from the 2001 census

Did you know?

Margaret Thatcher used to live here?

In her Oxford days, she lived at 12 Richmond Road. It is alleged she shared the house with two red-hot communists who lived on a diet of sausages. This may account for her later views on socialists and known dislike of sausages.

How religious we are?

In the 2001 Census, some 50% of Jericho residents said they were Christian, 2.2% Muslim, 1.9% Buddhist and 1.2% professed other religions, while 34% of people said they had no religion. In Oxford as a whole the proportion with no religion was 24%.


Cancer support tea and cakes

Sat 29 Sep - 3.00 pm

Jericho Community Centre

My Jericho - coffee, cake and conversation

The Synagogue -- Tour and talk*

Wednesday 26 September - 5:45 PM

Oxford Synagogue

JCA monthly meeting

Monday 12 November - 8:00 PM

Community Centre