The JCA was awarded a VISIBLE certificate.

This accreditation was provided by Community Matters. In making the award the assessor concluded that “The Jericho Community Association is a welcoming, impressive and community focussed charity. It has limited staffing resources but is led by a highly experienced and locally well established group of community members.”


One of the advantages of putting in all the work to prepare for this assessment is that it has encouraged the officers and management committee to think more clearly about the many responsibilities involved in running the Community Centre, including child protection, fire risks, and health and safety. The relevant documents on these and other issues are available from the menu on the left.

Did you know?

About the church bells?

Originally the Church only had the single ‘Barney’s Bell’. In 1890, when the clock was installed, it was decided to add a set of tubular bells to ring the chimes and the hour strike, as well as a tune or ‘carillon’. The are driven by an elaborate mechanical contraption.

Who has a car?

According to the 2001 Census, only 47% of Jericho households have a car compared with 67% for Oxford as a whole.


Cancer support tea and cakes

Sat 29 Sep - 3.00 pm

Jericho Community Centre

My Jericho - coffee, cake and conversation

The Synagogue -- Tour and talk*

Wednesday 26 September - 5:45 PM

Oxford Synagogue

JCA monthly meeting

Monday 12 November - 8:00 PM

Community Centre