Stalls fill Canal Street at the Jericho Street Fair

Great value stalls at the Jericho Street Fair

Published - May 21 2017

Only £5 for a half stall

Steph and choir prepare for a concert at St Barnabas Church

Sing for your lunch

Published - May 12 2017

Jericho Singers start a mid-day choir

Kevin Whately (Sergeant Lewis, left) and John Thaw (Inspector Morse, centre) during the filming of The Dead of Jericho.

A Morse proposal

Published - Apr 14 2017

Blue plaque trail....

Commuters park on zig-zag lines which are supposed to be kept clear to protect children

Dangerous parking at St Barnabas School

Published - Apr 11 2017

Petition on zig-zag lines

Swifts are amazing, beautiful birds. Supreme aerialists, they spend almost all their life in the air, a lot of that at low level, feeding on airborne insects.

This will be a swift AGM

Published - Mar 26 2017

This year's annual general meeting of the Jericho Community Association will have a wildlife theme

The prospective view from Port Meadow of the Castle Mill student flats after repainting

In plain sight

Published - Feb 20 2017

Feeble conclusion of Port Meadow flats fiasco

Alive and Kicking members Sheila Jone (standing) and Barbara Harvey

173 years and counting…

Published - Feb 09 2017

Celebration for Alive and Kicking duo

No need to hang about outside. Anyone can join the Jericho Community Association.

A joined-up community

Published - Feb 02 2017

The JCA is open for membership also illustrates our range of accommodation.

Hip hangout

Published - Jan 19 2017

Jericho is Oxford's place to visit

Trainee Jess (left, behind the counter) receives training from Hayley.

Post Office rolls on

Published - Jan 09 2017

Walton Street's temporary persistence

Did you know?

Margaret Thatcher used to live here?

In her Oxford days, she lived at 12 Richmond Road. It is alleged she shared the house with two red-hot communists who lived on a diet of sausages. This may account for her later views on socialists and known dislike of sausages.

The origins of Walton?

Walton is derived from “wall town” which was used centuries ago to indicate a location outside the Oxford city walls. The ancient manor of Walton was certainly in existence before the Norman conquest in 1066.


Jericho Street Fair 2017

Sat 10 Jun - 12.00 pm

Canal Street

Towpath Taskforce

Thursday 25 May - 10:00 AM

Aristotle bridge

St Sepulchre’s Garden Group

Tuesday 13 June - 10:00 AM

St. Sepulchre's cemetary