Soon to disappear. The Jericho bus will no longer be navigating our narrow streets.

We are going to miss the bus

Published - Jun 23 2017

Alternatives to the Number 17

A mass breakout at St Barnabas School. No chance of anyone escaping, however, all the children had electronic tags to keep track of their times.

Running into new friends

Published - Jun 19 2017

Another busy June weekend

Abigail Noah has a unique double offering: fresh scones and shoulder massages.

That’s a relief

Published - Jun 11 2017

Good weather and relaxation at the Jericho Street Fair

A great day out in Jericho

Published - Jun 03 2017

Annual Street Fair 2017

Stalls fill Canal Street at the Jericho Street Fair

Great value stalls at the Jericho Street Fair

Published - May 21 2017

Only £5 for a half stall

Steph and choir prepare for a concert at St Barnabas Church

Sing for your lunch

Published - May 12 2017

Jericho Singers start a mid-day choir

Kevin Whately (Sergeant Lewis, left) and John Thaw (Inspector Morse, centre) during the filming of The Dead of Jericho.

A Morse proposal

Published - Apr 14 2017

Blue plaque trail....

Commuters park on zig-zag lines which are supposed to be kept clear to protect children

Dangerous parking at St Barnabas School

Published - Apr 11 2017

Petition on zig-zag lines

Swifts are amazing, beautiful birds. Supreme aerialists, they spend almost all their life in the air, a lot of that at low level, feeding on airborne insects.

This will be a swift AGM

Published - Mar 26 2017

This year's annual general meeting of the Jericho Community Association will have a wildlife theme

The prospective view from Port Meadow of the Castle Mill student flats after repainting

In plain sight

Published - Feb 20 2017

Feeble conclusion of Port Meadow flats fiasco

Did you know?

Where we work?

According to the 2001 Census, in Jericho 28% of those working were self-employed, while 18% worked part time. Around 20% were in higher professional occupations compared with 14% for Oxford. We also tend to work nearby: 72% of people worked within five kilometres of their home; 18% went to work on foot, 13% by car and 6% by bike

How many people live in Jericho?

In 2011 Jericho had a population of 1,400 residents living in households.  There are no communal establishment residents. There has been little change in the total number of residents since 2001.


One-hour Jericho clean up

Sat 16 Sep - 10.00 am

Jericho Community Centre

Towpath Taskforce

Saturday 16 September - 10:00 AM

Aristotle bridge

St Sepulchre’s Garden Group

Tuesday 5 September - 10:00 AM

St. Sepulchre's cemetary

JCA monthly meeting

Monday 11 September - 8:00 PM

Community Centre