St Sepulchre’s Garden Group

An informal group of volunteers meets regularly for two hours to cut saplings, brambles and ivy. The aim is to clear sightlines, create wildlife areas, and eventually, together with various interested groups, create a master plan to preserve a tranquil, green area that everyone can enjoy.

All are welcome. Please come when you can, with gloves and secateurs if possible, but we do have some gloves and tools.

Further information from the St Sepulchre’s website.

Future meeting schedule:

Tuesday 5 September - 10:00 AM -

Wednesday 27 September - 10:00 AM -

Tuesday 10 October - 10:00 AM -

Tuesday 14 November - 10:00 AM -

Tuesday 12 December - -



Mon 20 Nov - 7.30 pm

Albion Beatnik Bookshop

OUP Orchestra Autumn Concert

Wed 22 Nov - 7.30 pm

St Barnabas Church

My Jericho

Michel Sadones, Landlord, Old Bookbinders

Wednesday 10 January - 5:45 PM

Jericho Community Centre

Police ‘have your say’ meeting

Saturday 2 December - 10:00 AM

Jericho Community Centre

St Sepulchre’s Garden Group

Tuesday 12 December -

St. Sepulchre's cemetary

JCA monthly meeting

Monday 11 December - 8:00 PM

Community Centre