Jericho 15

'Last-minute' task booking service

. . your odd jobs sorted for those days you run out of time or simply the inclination to get everyday tasks done!

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Covering homes, offices & shops in Jericho & Walton Manor |  Oxford

We have a 24 hour advance booking window open for requests; we can do your dishes, hoover your hallway, unpack your online grocery delivery, drop off a pint of milk at your office or lunch to your shop, to name a few!

You can book our service for as little as 15 minutes* at £4 per quarter hour slot or for as long as you need.

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Did you know?

Why Juxon Street?

Juxon Street is named after William Juxon, President of St John’s College from 1621-33.

What St Barnabas Church cost to build?

Thomas Combe the Superin­tendent of OUP and it was he who commissioned and paid for the construc­tion of the church in 1869 at a cost of £6,492. All the interior fittings were provided for about £900. The campanile was erected in 1872 for £800.