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Thames Valley Police is encouraging you, your neighbours, friends and colleagues to register for Thames Valley Alert, our community messaging system.
Registering to receive messages from Thames Valley Alert offers you the opportunity to receive localised crime and safety alerts for your local neighbourhood via e-mail, voice or text. To sign up, you just need to visit - - click on ‘Join’ and follow the on-screen instructions. To receive messages by voice mail call 01865 335133.

You can choose to receive different types of messages, eg burglary alerts, suspicious circumstances or good news, and select the priority level which keeps you in control to receive alerts which are relevant to you.

Once you are signed up to Thames Valley Alert, you can log in to your account and amend your message settings, contact details and alerting areas as well as setting up a local neighbourhood scheme.

Multiple alerting areas give you the opportunity to receive alerts from other neighbourhoods which are relevant to you. You may set one up for your home address, another for where you work and a third one for where your family or friends live so that you are kept informed about crime in the areas.

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