JCA monthly meeting

The Jericho Community Association meets most months, on the second Monday of the Month. We discuss current concerns and events, and the management of the community centre.

The meeting is sometimes in two parts. For the first part, all residents are welcome. The second part may be only for members of the management committee,


Date Time Venue


Dance for Kids—Half-term workshop Tue 19 Feb - 3.00 pm
Community Centre

Next meeting
Mark Damazer

Former MD of Radio 4, Master of St Peters College

Wed 20 Feb - 5.45pm
At: Community Centre
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Jericho Community Boatyard
Susanna Pressel
Fiona Hawkins

Jericho Health Walk
Thursday 21 February - 1:30 PM
Jericho Health Centre
St Sepulchre’s Garden Group Wednesday 27 February - 10:00 AM
St. Sepulchre's cemetary