A joined-up community

No need to hang about outside. Anyone can join the Jericho Community Association.
No need to hang about outside. Anyone can join the Jericho Community Association.

The JCA is open for membership

Posted - February 02, 2017

Until now, the Jericho Community Association has had no formal membership system. Everyone in Jericho was assumed to be a voting member of the association (whether they wanted to be or not!). Now, however, in order to give the organization a more robust legal standing it has been registered as a ‘charitable incorporated organization’, and this means maintaining a list of members who live in the ‘area of benefit’.

Membership of the JCA is free, and anyone can apply to join. To be a full voting member, you have to live in Jericho. In case you wondered, Jericho is defined for JCA purposes as:

The land bounded on the west by the east bank of Castle Mill Stream, on the north by Walton Well Road, on the east by Walton Street and on the south by Hythe Bridge Street, the boundary being formed by the middle of the roads.

But the JCA has always been as inclusive as possible. Neighbouring districts can also be considered part of ‘greater Jericho’ and we invite people from all parts of the city to join as associate members. That way we can work together on local issues and keep in touch with events in this lively part of Oxford.

It takes just a minute or so to join. To do so, please click HERE.


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