A Morse proposal

Kevin Whately (Sergeant Lewis, left) and John Thaw (Inspector Morse, centre) during the filming of The Dead of Jericho.
Kevin Whately (Sergeant Lewis, left) and John Thaw (Inspector Morse, centre) during the filming of The Dead of Jericho.

Blue plaque trail....

Posted - April 14, 2017

The TV series Morse/Lewis/Endeavour is a unique Oxford intellectual property known worldwide. We should use to attract visitors to some of the best known filming locations in Jericho. The idea is very simple:

a. You put up a series of, say, six small ‘blue plaques’ in locations from the three series.
b. You draw a mini trail and legend around this, which is available in local shops and tourist office.

This is subject to further research (including talking to the location managers of the series) but some readily suggest themselves:

1. Combe Road from the very first Inspector Morse film.
2. The Bookbinders Arms from the same,
3. 41 Nelson street blown up in another episode.
4. The Jericho Tavern.
5. The Oxford Canal
6. Little Clarendon Street.


a. Establish six locations firmly and accurately.
b. Seek permission from owners and planning permission from the City Council.
c. Ask Local businesses if they are prepared to sponsor and/or make them.
d. Seek other Finance from Councillors community funds, the Tourist Board, Oxford Civic Society, Worcester College, the JCA, etc

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Author: John Mair


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