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Voting in Carfax and Jericho

The extent of the new ward - though Jericho and Carfax might sound better.
The extent of the new ward - though Jericho and Carfax might sound better.

Boundary Commission recommendations

News posted - February 05, 2019

The Boundary Commission has made its final recommendations for the new ward boundaries in Oxford. One outcome is that Jericho residents in future will be part of a two-councillor ward called ‘Carfax and Jericho’.

The Jericho Community Association had objected to a previous proposal which created a ward, called ‘Jericho’ which extended across the city centre. The JCA suggested instead using the parish boundaries to connect Jericho instead with the St Thomas area. See the previous Jericho Online post “Jericho stretched”.

The Commission rejected this. Its report says:

“In relation to the proposal from Jericho Community Association, were we to adopt what they described as the logical boundaries for their community, this would not only lead to poor electoral equality in the ward containing Jericho, but would also require us to create a single-councillor ward consisting of Osney and New Botley. As Oxford City Council elects by halves there is a presumption in favour of two-councillor wards unless compelling evidence is provided.”

The JCA was also concerned about the historic name Jericho being applied to other parts of the city. This objection was accepted.

“Regarding the name of our proposed Jericho ward, we accept the argument that it contains two different communities and that the inclusion of the city centre in the ward should be reflected in its name. We are therefore renaming the ward ‘Carfax & Jericho’ in our final recommendations.“

Another welcome change is that Rewley Park is to be part of our ward. As the report points out: “Rewley Park residents see themselves as part of a wider Jericho community. It was argued that these links, as well as the access between the two areas, will become stronger once the development at Jericho Wharf with its proposed footbridge is complete. The objectors also pointed out that similar issues, such as antisocial behaviour around the current footbridge, affect residents equally on either side of the canal. We do accept that residents in Rewley Park have provided good evidence that they are part of the Jericho community and are subject to similar local issues. We are therefore adding the Rewley Park area to our Jericho ward.”

The next step is for all the changes to be accepted by Parliament. Presuming this happens, the new ward will for the basis for the local elections in 2020.

Author: Peter Stalker

To see the full recommendations for Oxford, please click here for the Boundary Commission

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