Facing the past

Cbanging Faces of Jericho

Posted - October 29, 1997

After years without any new books on Jericho, sure enough two come along at once. Following the Jericho Sketchbook, featured in our last issue, we now have The Changing Faces of Jericho.

This is one of a series on different parts of Ox­ford and is written by Julie Kennedy. She now lives in Woodstock, but lived in Juxon Street in the mid-1970s. Julie is an accountant, but also a member of the Family History Society. One of her starting points, she says, was a map of Jericho she saw in the Centre for Oxfordshire Studies. She then went on to talk to many individuals and businesses, and worked on the book for about six months. Published in June, it is proving popular: by the end of August it had sold about 500 copies.

Julie is now preparing for 'Jericho - Book 2'. This, she says, will be 'more of the same' with materials that she could not find the first time round. So she is keen to hear from anyone who has in­ formation, and particularly photographs, that they would like to be included. Her phone number is: (01993) 812258.