Working Class Housing in Jericho

A research project by Andrew Whitehead

Posted - November 29, 2018

In the summer of 1977, Andrew Whitehead carried out a research project at the prompting of Crispin Paine, then at the Museum of Oxfordshire. Using property title deeds in the possession of Oxford City Council, and any he came across in the possession of owners, he sought to trace the history of working-class housing in the Jericho district of Oxford.

The text is available on Andrew Whitehead’s website by CLICKING HERE.

Did you know?

How many people live in Jericho?

In 2011 Jericho had a population of 1,400 residents living in households. There are no communal establishment residents. There has been little change in the total number of residents since 2001.

Who owns the houses?

In Jericho in 2011, only 21% of households were owner occupiers. Instead, many more people rented their homes: 58% from private landlords and 20% from ‘social’ landlords, mostly the City Council.