23 Albert Street

Image: Liza Picard

Used to be the Baker's Arms

Posted - July 02, 2000

From the outside this house offers little more than a blank wall, but it is actually one of Jericho's more interesting conversions. Dating from 1840, this used to be part of the Hall's pub, the Bakers Arms. In 1991 the pub was closed and the company that bought it converted it into two dwellings and lets them out. Number 23 comprises what were the toilets, the beer cellar, and a garage on the ground floor, along with a games and functions room upstairs where a folk club used to meet. In order to keep the beer cool, there were originally no windows on the ground floor facing onto Albert Street. Now there are two small windows, transferred from an inside wall. Most of the light downstairs comes from the garden side.

The most striking part is upstairs. The ceilings have been removed to give a high space which has large windows on the garden side, along with a balcony and skylights. There are two bedrooms on raised platforms at each end. The tenant from 1991 to May 2000 was Jenny Lewis, who previously had lived in Nelson Street. People passing by on the first Sunday morning of the month became familiar with the sound of the Buddhist gathering, as Jenny and her friends would meet to chant for world peace. Combined with the hymns from the Baptist Church opposite, this produced an interesting 'duelling banjos' effect. Jenny has now gone to Mongolia to work on a women's project for Voluntary Service Overseas.

Did you know?

The origins of Nelson Street?

Nelson Street takes its name from a local pub, the Lord Nelson, subsequently renamed Carpenters’ Arms -- which has since been converted to housing.

Where the name Jericho comes from?

The name Jericho is probably taken from the parable of the Good Samaritan. Traditionally the name was given to places where travellers who arrived after the town gates had closed at sunset could find lodgings overnight.