Jericho has a number of architecturally significant buildings and is now a conservation area

1970s renewal in Jericho
In a chapter in his 1977 book, the Erosion of Oxford, Professor James Stevens Curl assessed the 1970s redevelopment of Jericho.
Fig. 1:   The campanile of St. Barnabas rises above typical Jericho houses. This Italianate tower was built in 1872, and re-roofed in 1893.
Oct 15 2013
Jericho to be a conservation area
Paul Hornby reports on moves to protect a unique district
Cranham street, showing the distinctive Gothic windows.
Jan 23 2013

Jericho conservation area
Restrictions on permitted development
Outlined in red is the Jericho Conservation Area. Note that some houses in Walton Street and elsewhere were already part of existing neighbouring conservation areas.
Jan 19 2013
Conservation area starts to bite
Preserving Jericho’s character
Illustration: Liza Picard
May 04 2011

A final opportunity to preserve
Conservation area proposed
Nov 04 2010
Pressure to preserve
Conservation area progress
Cranham Street pictured strangely carless. The corner building on the right was formerly a local bakery. A conservation area is concerned not just with individual buildings but also the spaces between, and the various views.
May 01 2010

Conservation, carrots and sticks
At some point Jericho will become a conservation area. A public meeting in July considered the implications and a possible timeline.
A conservation area would aim to maintain the character of Jericho
Nov 06 2009
A disappearing culture
Losing our industrial heritage
Jun 06 2009

Jericho to be a conservation area
Moves to protect a unique district
Cranham street, showing the distinctive Gothic windows.
Jun 03 2009

Did you know?

How religious we are?

In the 2001 Census, some 50% of Jericho residents said they were Christian, 2.2% Muslim, 1.9% Buddhist and 1.2% professed other religions, while 34% of people said they had no religion. In Oxford as a whole the proportion with no religion was 24%.

Why Jericho still has such a mix of houses?

Jericho’s intriguing mix of housing today owes a lot, to the Residents’ Association in the 1960s and 1970s which together with the then Vicar and some local councillors resisted plans to bulldoze the whole area and turn it over to offices and light industrial use.


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