Jericho history

Jericho was Oxford's first planned suburb. Here is a selection of articles about its history.

A brief history of Jericho
The origins of the name Jericho remain clouded in the mists of time.
The Jericho Tavern from which this district may have derived its name
Jan 07 2013
Working Class Housing in Jericho
A research project by Andrew Whitehead
Nov 29 2018

Ali the postman
Memories of the Jericho round
Ali, speaking at My Jericho
Jan 04 2019
Oxford Boy - A Post-war Townie Childhood
Will Wyatt, former BBC Managing Director, remembers shopping in Walton Street
Will Wyatt in 1953 with neat haircut, probably from Mr Taylor
Oct 03 2018

A suburb of Victorian Oxford
How three main landowners developed Jericho
College property as in Richmond Road was set behind palisades and flower gardens for superior artisan houses.
Jan 17 2013
Open fields to narrow streets
New research into the origins of Jericho
Jericho meadows around 1850. Behind, left to right, are the Radcliffe Observatory, the Jericho Tavern and the smokestack of Oxford University Press.
Jan 07 2013

Jericho’s links with OUP
A suburb grows around the Press
Jericho seen from OUP around 1890, with Wellington Street in the foreground.
May 27 2014
Happy days at the Scala
97-year-old Martin Selwood, projectionist at The Phoenix (then The Scala) from 1930-1931, recalls the arrival of the ‘talkies’.
Happy Days is  an 80 minute musical film. The story centers around  a singer on a showboat who goes to make her fortune in New York City,
Nov 23 2013

Looking back at Jericho’s gardens
History of the back yard
Typical back garden for a terraced house
Mar 02 2013

Jericho embraces the canal
Mark Davies delves into our canalside history.
The old ferry that ran from the bottom of what is now Combe Road.
Mar 03 2001
Memories of wigs and cassocks
More recollections from Jo Elvidge, now in Somerset
Music class at St. Barnabas
Mar 03 1999

A Jericho childhood
Jo Elvidge, now living in Frome, Somerset, recently revisited Jericho, and has written these recollections.
May 03 1998
Facing the past
Cbanging Faces of Jericho
Oct 29 1997

Traces of ancient Walton
An excavation behind a house in Walton Street offered a glimpse of a late-Saxon settlement and a medieval farmhouse.
Dec 06 1996
Living memories ... St. Giles Fair
Reminiscences recorded as part of an adult education class in Jericho.
Oct 05 1996

Living memories ... shops and shopping
Reminiscences recorded as part of an adult education class in Jericho
May 10 1996
Memories from a resident of Jericho
Interview with 'Annie'
Oct 04 1983

50 Years of Jericho
Apr 04 1984
The history of St. Paul’s Church
To become an arts centre
Sep 04 1984

Press opens in Walton Street
Stimulating local development
Dec 05 1984
Thomas Combe
A man who did much for Jericho
Dec 10 1985

The story of the early days of W. Lucy & Co Ltd.
Oct 11 1986

Did you know?

What kind of households we have?

According the to 2011 Census, almost half of Jericho households – 46% – consisted of only one person, 24% consisted of couples with or without children, 7% were student households, and 11% were other multi-person households, while 6% were single-parent households.

The origins of Nelson Street?

Nelson Street takes its name from a local pub, the Lord Nelson, subsequently renamed Carpenters’ Arms—which has since been converted to housing.


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