Jericho's streets, although mostly laid out at the end of the 19th century, were build by different landowners or developers, which is reflected in their individual character.

Walton Street
The road takes its name from the ancient manor of Walton.
<p>Walton Street</p>
Jan 15 2013
Walton Lane
Walton Lane provided rear access for servants and tradesmen.
<p>Walton Lane</p>
Jan 15 2013

Wellington Street
Wellington Street was originally known as New College Lane.
<p>Wellington Street</p>
Jan 15 2013
Richmond Road
Richmond Road was originally called Worcester Terrace.
<p>Richmond Road</p>
Jan 15 2013

Nelson Street
Until 1840 Nelson Street was little more than a muddy track.
<p>Nelson Street</p>
Jan 15 2013
Jericho Street
Jericho Street appears to have existed long before the district was built up.
<p>Jericho Street</p>
Jan 15 2013

Juxon Street
One of Jericho's more uniform streets, now owned by Lucys.
<p>Houses in Juxon Street have narrow walled gardens</p>
Dec 27 2012
Canal Street
Canal Street runs roughly parallel with the Oxford canal.
<p>Canal Street with St Barnabas</p>
Dec 27 2012

Revealing the history of Richmond Road
Helen Hatcher explains why she has been snooping around Richmond Road.
Oct 04 1997

Did you know?

What St Barnabas Church cost to build?

Thomas Combe the Superin­tendent of OUP and it was he who commissioned and paid for the construc­tion of the church in 1869 at a cost of £6,492. All the interior fittings were provided for about £900. The campanile was erected in 1872 for £800.

How religious we are?

In the 2001 Census, some 50% of Jericho residents said they were Christian, 2.2% Muslim, 1.9% Buddhist and 1.2% professed other religions, while 34% of people said they had no religion. In Oxford as a whole the proportion with no religion was 24%.


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St Barnabas Church
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Wednesday 26 June -
St. Sepulchre's cemetary

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