Historical videos

TV programmes and cine film.

Our Jericho
Our Jericho is a slice of life in Jericho in 2019. It was inspired by the 1974 TV programme Open Door Jericho
Dec 14 2019
Open Door Jericho
A tale of pigeons and squatters, pub-goers and shoppers, also featuring children at the old St Barnabas School.
Oct 15 2013

Memories of Jericho in the 1950s
The movies of Wally Peedell
Mar 07 2021
Jericho Film Night
From the 1950s to 2019
Mar 14 2021

Maggots to Prosecco
Slideshow history by Malcom Graham
May 03 2015
The walls of Jericho
Artists at work in Jericho in 2002.
Nov 19 2018

1965-70 street scenes
New sewerage system
Nov 03 2013
Bonfire night 1965
Cine film by Jim Wright
Oct 27 2013

Did you know?

What St Barnabas Church cost to build?

Thomas Combe the Superin­tendent of OUP and it was he who commissioned and paid for the construc­tion of the church in 1869 at a cost of £6,492. All the interior fittings were provided for about £900. The campanile was erected in 1872 for £800.

What kind of households we have?

According the to 2011 Census, almost half of Jericho households – 46% – consisted of only one person, 24% consisted of couples with or without children, 7% were student households, and 11% were other multi-person households, while 6% were single-parent households.


Come and sing Stainer’s Crucifixion Sat 02 Mar - 2.00 pm
St Barnabas Church
Haydn: The Seven Last Words Sat 02 Mar - 7.30 pm
Worcester College Chapel
St Sepulchre’s Garden Group Caring for Jericho's most peaceful space
Tuesday 12 March - 10:00 AM
St. Sepulchre's cemetary
Steph Pirrie Jazz

Thursday 29 February - 8:00 PM
Harourt Arms

Next meeting
Being a vicar in a strange world
Fr Christopher Woods Thu 7 Mar - 6:30pm
At: St Barnabas Church