Historic videos

TV programmes and cine film.

The walls of Jericho
Artists at work in Jericho in 2002.
Nov 19 2018
Maggots to Prosecco: Jericho Transformed
Slideshow history of Jericho by Malcom Graham
May 03 2015

1965-70 street scenes
New sewerage system
Nov 03 2013
Jericho under water
The flood years
Oct 31 2013

Bonfire night 1965
Traditional form of recycling
Oct 27 2013
Jericho Open Door
A tale of pigeons and squatters, pub-goers and shoppers, also featuring children at the old St Barnabas School.
Oct 15 2013

Did you know?

Cranham Street used to be a blot on the city

Before Grantham House was built, the site became notoriously derelict, making Cranham Street according to the local press a ‘blot on the city’ – wrecked by local children, and a refuge for rats and for ‘layabouts sleeping off the drink’ who were repeatedly evicted by the police.

The history of the Phoenix?

There has been a cinema here since 1913. Orginally it the ‘North Oxford Kinema’, since when it has passed through many hands and names, including the Scala, the New Scala, the Studios 1 and 2, Studio X (a club showing soft porn) and finally in 1977 the Phoenix.


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