Stall booking form

Sorry all the stalls have now been taken

Jericho Street Fair aims to be plastic free

The Street Fair will be on June 4 from mid-day to 4.30 pm. If you are planning to run a food stall you will be charged less if you commit to using cardboard trays and wood utensils instead of plastic.

A full stall is £45. If you commit to not using plastic it is £35. We offer a half stall for individual Jericho residents or non-commercial organizations for £5. The same person/organization cannot book two half stalls. You must pay when you book.

If you wish to share a stall with another specific person, please state this clearly in the details box below, and submit both forms and payments at around the same time. Otherwise half stalls will be allocated by the JCA. We cannot meet preferences requested on the day.

If yours is a food stall, you will need a food hygiene certificate. You may be asked for this on the day