Fiona Hawkins

Headteacher St Barnabas School

This meeting was held on January 30, 2019

The cheerful shrieking at the heart of Jericho comes, as is well known, from St Barnabas Church of England Primary School. Fiona Hawkins has been the head of the school since 2008, having previously served as deputy head under Jane Thomas from 2004. She has been a teacher since 1980, always in Church schools.

This is her final year.

A round motherly smiling figure, Fiona Hawkins last week faced a class of grey-haired Jericho Community Association stalwarts for whom life’s clockwork is much run down. Their running and screaming days far behind them, happy memories of being rapped on the knuckles or slapped on the legs in their own schooldays now long ago.

All agree St Barnabas’ reputation as a warm, caring school. Educating a varied population of children, 30% with English as a second language, an increasing number eligible for free school meals. A psychotherapist comes in one day a week. There is a ratio of 30 children per teacher. The school chose not to become an academy.

Fiona Hawkins says she has never been bored. She gets into work at 7 in the morning; 8.30-9.00 a.m, she stands outside the single entrance to supervise the arrival of the children. She still teaches in the classroom as well as running the school.

“We have been very true to ourselves,” she says. There is a voluntary Christian assembly, on Thursday the clergy come in. “Everybody has got a place.”

So far as health and safety is concerned, snowballing is not allowed. No phones are allowed in the classroom. The issue of conkers has never arisen.

“I will be sobbing as I leave.”

It would be alarming to find oneself shrunk back to one’s childhood self, compelled to put on short trousers again. Perhaps less so if beginning one’s encounter with the world in Mrs Hawkins’ school.

Report by: Roger Howe

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