Fair day for the Jubilee

Published - Jun 12 2022

Thousands fill Canal Street


Published - May 23 2022

Jollity ahead.

Alive and Kicking award

Published - May 16 2022

Recognition for one of Jericho's most helpful groups

Liza Picard

Published - Apr 11 2022

A popular member of the community who became a renowned historian

A resounding refusal

Published - Mar 24 2022

On March 23rd the Oxford City Council planning committee unanimously refused the application by Cornerstone Land for the development of Jericho Wharf.

Decision day for Jericho Wharf

Published - Mar 21 2022

On March 23rd the City Council Planning Committee will decide on proposals for developing the Jericho Wharf site. This will be a crucial stage in a long-running saga of failed or unimplemented planning applications – and continuing community frustration. Unfortunately, this time the developer has fallen far short of what this unique site could offer.

Drawing from life

Published - Feb 23 2022

Local artist Mike England explains why life drawing is important

Read with care

Published - Feb 07 2022

The developer of the canalside land has been distributing a brochure in Jericho about its latest planning application. While this provides some useful information it is at times misleading and should be read with care. Be wary in particular about:

So near and yet so far

Published - Nov 22 2021

Wrong house price data could lead to a bad decision on Jericho Wharf

Award for Greening Jericho

Published - Nov 19 2021

From Oxford Preservation Trust

Did you know?

The origins of Walton?

Walton is derived from "wall town" which was used centuries ago to indicate a location outside the Oxford city walls. The ancient manor of Walton was certainly in existence before the Norman conquest in 1066.

The origins of Nelson Street?

Nelson Street takes its name from a local pub, the Lord Nelson, subsequently renamed Carpenters’ Arms -- which has since been converted to housing.


St Sepulchre’s Garden Group Caring for Jericho's most peaceful space
Tuesday 9 August - 10:00 AM
St. Sepulchre's cemetary
Steph Pirrie Jazz
At the Harcourt Arms
Thursday 22 September - 8:00 PM
Harcourt Arms