The Bookbinder of Jericho

Published - May 13 2024

Lucy Catchpole experiences a vivid reimagining of Jericho a hundred years ago.

Traffic controls ahead

Published - Apr 20 2024

New traffic control measures are on the horizon. Both will directly affect Jericho residents.

Who we are

Published - Apr 03 2024

Results from the 2021 Census are now available for Jericho.

Fr. Michael Wright

Published - Feb 25 2024

Farewell to a courageous parish priest and community organizer

Save Gloucester Green Market

Published - Jan 20 2024

This valuable resource needs to reach its full potential for generating wealth locally

A brief history of Jericho

Published - Jan 01 2024

By Paul Southouse Architects

Ali’s store has been sold

Published - Nov 21 2023

Change of use likely

St Paul’s conversion

Published - Oct 18 2023

Lucy's new building emerges from the rubble

What if….

Published - Jul 09 2023

... we could spread flower seeds, soil and water in every neglected corner of our city's streets.

Fair days for the Jericho Festival

Published - Jun 12 2023

Weekend activities dodge the downpours

Did you know?

Why Jericho still has such a mix of houses?

Jericho's intriguing mix of housing today owes a lot, to the Residents' Association in the 1960s and 1970s which together with the then Vicar and some local councillors resisted plans to bulldoze the whole area and turn it over to offices and light industrial use.

What St Barnabas Church cost to build?

Thomas Combe the Superin­tendent of OUP and it was he who commissioned and paid for the construc­tion of the church in 1869 at a cost of £6,492. All the interior fittings were provided for about £900. The campanile was erected in 1872 for £800.


Jericho Fest
Sat 08 Jun - 12.00 pm

Run Jericho Registration
Sun 09 Jun - 9.00 am
St Barnabas School
St Sepulchre’s Garden Group Caring for Jericho's most peaceful space
Wednesday 29 May -
St. Sepulchre's cemetary
Steph Pirrie Jazz

Thursday 23 May -
Harcourt Arms

Next meeting
The real Keir Starmer
Tom Baldwin in conversation Mon 20 May - 6:30pm
At: St Barnabas Church