JERICHO ECHO - No. 35, May 1996

Jericho Echo

The Jericho Echo was the community newspaper. It was published over two periods:
July 79 to Aug 88 (issues 01 to 35)
Oct 95 to July 14 (issues 33 to 75)
(note the overlap in issue numbers)

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For for the second period, the main articles can be read from the links below. Echo articles from this period also form part of the Jericho Online news archive.

Wanted: more spaces to sit and chat

People in Jericho used to linger on the streets talking, exchanging the time of day. They still do, of course, but the spaces for doing this are being removed.

Living memories ... shops and shopping

Reminiscences recorded as part of an adult education class in Jericho

Community Centre looks to the future

The Community Centre has two new administrators - and a new chairperson. And soon, hopefully, a better building.

Fighting back against crime

Jericho residents are becoming increasingly concerned about the levels of crime - particularly burglaries and car crimes, which over the last year or so, seem to have increased significantly.