JERICHO ECHO - No. 33, Oct 1995

Jericho Echo

The Jericho Echo was the community newspaper. It was published over two periods:
July 79 to Aug 88 (issues 01 to 35)
Oct 95 to July 14 (issues 33 to 75)
(note the overlap in issue numbers)

Read all of issue 33 as a PDF file.

For for the second period, the main articles can be read from the links below. Echo articles from this period also form part of the Jericho Online news archive.

Why Jericho?

Why is Jericho so called? That is a question which is often asked but there is no written record, traditional tale or legend to tell us.

New plants for old

Our gardening column invites you to join in a plant exchange

School warns of more cuts

Parents of children at St Barnabas School are being warned of a new round of education cuts next year. As the new academic year gets underway, the school has already had to cut spending by £10,000.

Planning in a fine predicament

On Saturday 4 November there will be a bonfire party on the canal front in the old Orchard Cruisers Yard, entrance by St Barnabas Church. Apart from being a chance to get to know more people this will also be an opportunity to say good-bye to this particular stretch of canal frontage.