7 Songs Of Who You Were

Wed 06 Dec - 6.30 pm-7.30 pm

Common Ground Cafe, Little Clarendon Street

A Winter Musical Journey

Join us at Common Ground Cafe on Little Clarendon Street for a dusky, gleaming evening of music.

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You'll be the first in the world to hear 7 original compositions by, played through candlelight.

Free entry and there'll be free chocolate, because the artist accidentally over-ordered Halloween sweets. And there'll be a relaxed Q&A with the artist after the play-through (totally optional).

7 Songs Of Who You Were began eleven years ago, as the artist tried to reckon with the sense of loss he felt after finishing his time at a university which rhymes with Boxford.

He poured his extremely confused mix of sadness, longing and hope into melodic bells, composed electronically, and then forgot about it all and moved on with his life.

Until this year! When he dusted the compositions off and went to Berlin to finish them with the help of his producer Dean.

(Please note: this is not a live performance - it's an extremely relaxed listening party of a set of never-heard-before original compositions.)


Next meeting
Thu 18 Jul - 6:00pm
At: Somerville College