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Please support the Jericho Community Pantry which is hosted by St Barnabas Church. Surplus non-perishable food is provided by local shops or members of the public and is then available for collection by people who need it. 

The last information is available at the St Barnabas website.

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Life drawing classes

Explore your creativity -- all levels welcome. 

Local artist Mike England will starting life drawing classes at the community centre from January 8 2022.

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Drawing from life

Classes are held every Saturday morning at Jericho Community Centre

Local artist Mike England explains why life drawing is important

Posted - February 23, 2022

Life drawing is an expression,
and expression is important….
as It’s part of being human.

Creative expression, whatever the form, music, painting , writing, poetry etc is as important as the practical discoveries of science, as it shows another perspective, reason, meaning and in a sense, a sense of being/feeling alive.

Not only does Life Drawing teach hand and eye coordination, it teaches us discipline and concentration.. 

“You have to learn the rule book before you can throw it away”

This is the point at which creativity comes into play… You have to have the courage to let go of the rule book inorder to find your way, you have to trust your ability, your interpretation, your instincts… , to forge your own path, and not to follow.

You must learn from, stand on the shoulders of the masters/inspiration that came before us. 

Life drawing like any type of drawing (whether studio based or from life) can help with this idea of letting go…

The choices of marks we make in-order to create this illusion of what we’re seeing has a lot to do with where we are, with inside ourselves.

We have to find a balance between these opposing points of science and art.
And life drawing is a very good way of starting to achieve this….
Like all creative expressions, serious and fun are ingredients that are part of the mix.
And it is up to you to find what makes you feel most comfortable.

“In order to see, you have to look”…. 

The time spent concentrating and being absorbed in another reality gives us a break from the incessant worry of life/money and all the other things that occupy our minds) that usually are given to us by our own hectic lives and reinforced by the dripping tap of negativity in the media).

So, having a break from that (even if it’s for a couple of hours) surely can only be beneficial health wise, a bit like having a mini holiday.


Mike England's life drawing classes are held every Saturday morning at the Community Centre. For further information please click HERE

Author: Mike England


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