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JCA Notices

We are recruiting a new administrator

Sue Pead, our current administrator, is retiring after 18 years of service. The Jericho Community Association is therefore looking for someone who can undertake this diverse and interesting job.

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JCA AGM 2024

The 2024 Annual. General Meeting of the Jericho Community Association will be held on June 25 at 7.30 pm in Worcester College in the Nash Suite. Our speaker will be JCA resident. and fellow of Worcester College. Professor Josephine Quinn, who will be speaking on the subject of her remarkable new history book, How the World Made the West. 

The meeting will also hold elections for officers and committee members. If you would like to be nominated please complete this form.

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The cafe is back

Our popular Saturday morning cafe is running again

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Jericho Pantry

The main purpose of the Pantry is to make food that would otherwise be thrown away accessible to people who live locally who can make use of it.

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Life drawing classes

Explore your creativity -- all levels welcome. 

Local artist Mike England holds life drawing classes at the community centre.

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Join your local association

The JCA represents residents on local issues, organizes events, and runs the community centre. Membership is FREE.

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Crowds gather for Fest 24

Word gets round quickly "We're all at the Jericho Street Fair"

Street Fair and Run Jericho make for wonderful weekend

Posted - June 09, 2024

Saturday saw a packed Canal Street with more than 40 stall-holders, offering everything from olive oil, to knitware to global justice. Thanks to everyone who made the day such a success, expecially our unflappable JCA Chair, Charlotte Christie, and George Taylor who  organized an amazing collection of prizes for the raffle. Then on Sunday we had the Run Jericho experience, which raised £15,000 for St Barnabas School.

Steph Pirrie and the Jericho Singers fill the air with a beautiful performance

George Taylor sells a bouncy castle ticket to his grandson.

Fire-gazer perform on the Bookbinders stage

The green fingers of Cripley Meadow Allotmentt holders help stock Jericho's gardens

Getting the Fair into perspective with a record number of 30 stalls. Many thanks to LSD who supply and erect stalls and canopies so efficiently first thing in the morning. And to Alex Holingsworth and other high-viz volunteers for the expert traffic management that kept things moving.

As ever, Sasi's Thai is a popular food choice

The first Fair in the middle of a general election campaign makes for lively political discussions.

Jack Nicholson and Sue Pead supply raffle tickets to Colin Cook after his stint on the bouncy castle.

Prize for the most colourful stall-holder goes to Chloe Maxwell

A winter of practice inside the Jericho Community Centre pays off outside for the Morris Men

No fair would be complete without some painted faces

Thanks to our musician friends for great music on Cardigan Street stage

Run Jericho organizer selling t-shirts for the big event

A hectic day at the Bookbinder's. Thanks to landlord Josh, not least for their very generous donation to the JCA 

A busy day in the Community Centre for our cafe manager Andrea Berryman (left) and her friend Kerrie. Thanks also to Lizzie and other volunteers who helped.

One of the hottest tickets at the Fair is for the bouncy castle 

The Fest finishes with Run Jericho. The 10k run goes around Port Meadow

Runners passing the path to the Perch. Congratulation to the organizers and runners who raised £15,000 for St Barnabas School.

Thanks very much to all the local businesses who provided 18 valuable prizes which we used to raise more than £800. This helps keeps the Fair affordable for local residents.


JCA AGM - How the World Made the West
Tue 25 Jun - 7.30 pm
Worcester College
OUP Summer Concert Wed 03 Jul - 7.30 pm
St Barnabas Church
Gospel comes to Jericho Sat 06 Jul - 7.30 pm
St Barnabas Church
St Sepulchre’s Garden Group Caring for Jericho's most peaceful space
Wednesday 26 June -
St. Sepulchre's cemetary

Next meeting
General Election Hustings
Thu 27 Jun - 6:30pm
At: St Barnabas Church