Jericho gets its ducks in a row

... but we are still waiting for the Jericho Wharf developer, SIAHAF.
... but we are still waiting for the Jericho Wharf developer, SIAHAF.

Local organizations contribute to Oxford's Local Plan

Posted - September 05, 2017

Oxford is preparing its Local Plan 2036, which will become the City Council’s main policy document, setting set out how we want our city to look and feel. Among other things this will guide new developments - such as Jericho Wharf.

In July 2016, the Jericho Community Association made a submission for the Plan. Here is an extract:

“As a conservation area with a relatively high housing density and few green areas, Jericho will continue to have very limited scope for new housing. The JCA supports any measures the Council can take to offset the effects of house price and rental inflation from altering the social mix of the area to the detriment of those on low incomes, young adults and families with children. In particular we would prioritise:

  • The provision of more affordable housing
  • The reduction of pressure on the limited stock of houses in Jericho by the provision of more student housing elsewhere in the City, or on University and college land in the Jericho area
  • Recognition of the role residential moorings along the canal and river can play in providing an alternative form of affordable housing, and an increase in numbers of such moorings

“The continuing trend in intensification of urban living, and the rise in single person households (including among the elderly) could lead to increasing isolation and loneliness. Public facilities, such as the proposed new community centre, boatyard and public space by the Jericho Wharf, play an essential role in facilitating social, leisure and exercise activities where the local community can meet and forge the bonds that create a strong local community.”

You can read the full JCA submission by clicking HERE

In July 2017 the City presented a draft plan with its ‘preferred options’.

The Jericho Wharf Trust responded to this in August 2017, focusing on the canalside land as well as the use of canal boats as affordable homes. Its submission included:

“The JWT’s efforts are focused on securing the community facilities that are essential to the future of Jericho’s rich diversity of land and water residents. The Canalside Land site has been derelict for more than ten years. Detailed planning permission for a satisfactory scheme was granted in April 2016 but it has not been actioned. In cases like this the City Council should act to bring all possible pressure on the developer to implement the approved scheme, or to pass ownership to someone who will do so. This site is crucial to the future of Jericho, and represents a very significant potential asset for Oxford as a whole. The current impasse calls into question the effectiveness of the planning system.”

You can read a summary of the JWT submission on its website, by clicking HERE.

The City Council is currently reviewing all the comments to the Local Plan.


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