Boules for all

Boules are available, for all to use, at the Jericho Bouledrome in Mount Place under the bench.

Four sets of three balls have been donated, plus balls for children. Each set has different line markings. 

Please replace them in the box after use and return box to the bench.

Thanks to the many players who have been using the pitch each day, and returning the boules as requested. Community spirit in action.

Bon Bouleing!


Come and sing Stainer’s Crucifixion Sat 02 Mar - 2.00 pm
St Barnabas Church
Haydn: The Seven Last Words Sat 02 Mar - 7.30 pm
Worcester College Chapel
St Sepulchre’s Garden Group Caring for Jericho's most peaceful space
Tuesday 12 March - 10:00 AM
St. Sepulchre's cemetary

Next meeting
Being a vicar in a strange world
Fr Christopher Woods Thu 7 Mar - 6:30pm
At: St Barnabas Church