This is a list of all the news articles on this site, and its predecessor, the Jericho Echo, back to 1995.

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Title Date
Flooded by a mini-fatberg Feb 10 2016
Blavatnik to soften landscape Feb 01 2016
Happy 100 Barbara Jan 24 2016
SIAHAF tries to renege on community commitments Jan 07 2016
Getting Jericho Wharf back on track Jan 02 2016
Vote for St Sepulchres Nov 10 2015
Chlldren’s centre likely to close Oct 14 2015
Welcome students Sep 21 2015
Jericho bus in danger Aug 11 2015
City must hold SIAHAF to its commitments Jul 30 2015
Street Fair weathers the weather Jun 14 2015
Stumped May 18 2015
Maggots to prosecco Apr 21 2015
Jericho is number 19 Mar 29 2015
Echoes of the Bullring in Walton St Mar 01 2015
Planning permission granted Feb 11 2015
City Council to discuss SIAHAF application Feb 06 2015
Save Port Meadow protest song Feb 02 2015
University fights Port Meadow flats changes Jan 24 2015
Go active! Jan 19 2015

Did you know?

About the church bells?

Originally the Church only had the single ‘Barney’s Bell’. In 1890, when the clock was installed, it was decided to add a set of tubular bells to ring the chimes and the hour strike, as well as a tune or ‘carillon’. The are driven by an elaborate mechanical contraption.

Where the name Jericho comes from?

The name Jericho is probably taken from the parable of the Good Samaritan. Traditionally the name was given to places where travellers who arrived after the town gates had closed at sunset could find lodgings overnight.


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St. Sepulchre's cemetary

Lady Margaret Hall*

Guided tour by college President Alan Rusbridger

Wed 23 Jan - 3:30pm
Lady Margaret Hall
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