JERICHO ECHO - No. 60, July 2006

Jericho Echo

The Jericho Echo was the community newspaper. It was published over two periods:
July 79 to Aug 88 (issues 01 to 35)
Oct 95 to July 14 (issues 33 to 75)
(note the overlap in issue numbers)

Read all of issue 60 as a PDF file.

For for the second period, the main articles can be read from the links below. Echo articles from this period also form part of the Jericho Online news archive.

Globe redevelopment

Conversion planned

Health supercentre rejected

Worries about traffic

The wall of Jericho

Residents are incensed by British Waterways’ prison-camp construction

Street Fair 2006

Another great day out

The Bohemian Republic of Jericho

Philip Pullman on a place made to human measure.

Community Association AGM

Well attended meeting